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I don’t know.
I am a slave obeying a voice inside her.
I dedicate this album to all Laz and Mingrelian people, to the
mountains, rivers, black hives and pear trees of the
Eastern Black Sea region, to chestnut blossoms and blackberries, to my mother who weeps every time she hears the song “Karmatte Gola Gza” (The Road to the Mill), to the spirits of everyone I love who are no longer alive, to the ghosts who inhabit the water mills of the Eastern Black Sea region, to bears who capture women and feed them honey in their caves, to life and to life and to life.

OUTIM - Once Upon a Time in Mingrelia


    Gerald Tylor ~ Story Teller
    Roger Mills ~ Trumpets
    Paul Wigens ~ Drums & Percussions
    John Wigens ~ Guitar
    Dan Moore ~ Piano & Keyboards
    Dave Perry ~ Soprano & Tenor Saxaphones
    Jim Barr ~ Bass, Synths
    Paul Dunmall ~ Bag Pipe & Saxaphones
    Bethany Porter ~ Cello
    Gökçe Şahbaz ~ Flute
    Music Director ~ Mircan
    Executive Producer ~ Mircan
    Produced and Mixed by Roger Mills at Eartrumpet Studio, Bristol, UK
    Recorded by Jim Barr at J&J Studio, Bristol, UK
    Final Edition, Sound Engineering and Mastering by Osman Kent at Songphonic Records,
    Chertsey, UK
    Original Paintings by Arzu Başaran
    Original Photography by Mircan, Deniz Akbulut, Erhan Kemal Kaya, Şebnem Üner
    Graphic Art Design by İhsan Eroğlu at Arternatif
    English/Turkish translators ~ Robert Johnson, Bill Bergman at
    Turkish/English translators ~ Setenay Ece Kaia
    English Editor ~ Vivienne Jepsen
    Mingrelian-Laz Editor ~ İsmail Avcı Bucaklishi
    Turkish Editor and Haikus ~ Pelin Özer
    All tracks written by Mircan & Limbo
    All stories by Mircan


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