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Based on the poem of Edgar Allan Poe, Haunted Palace is a song originally composed by Mircan Kaya with her symphonic rock band back in her twenties when she was a university student (other members of the band were Aybars Erözden on the ketboard and Erhan Kemal Kaya on the elctro guitar). After more than thirty years, she has decided to have the song re- arranged and recorded during Covid 19 lock down period. With an international online collaboration, the instruments have been recorded in London with Alcyona Mick on the piano and keyboard, Ivan Hussey on the cello and Stuart Hall on the guitars and sitar. The lead vocal of the song is Skaia who is Mircan Kaya's daughter. Skaia has recorded her vocals in Milan while Mircan Kaya has recorded her accompanying vocals and the percussions in Istanbul.

Haunted Palace is available to listen on all digital music platforms.

Select your preferred music service and enjoy.


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