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ı wanted to do something simple, bare, sincere and warm. I wanted us to put something out there that’s voluntary, and based on collaboration. Let it be unpretentious. Not a grand production but with its plenitude hidden in its simplicity. Let it show collaboration, starting with the album cover .
I wanted us to reinterpret Anatolian folk songs, that we’ve so often heard from our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers.
When I made this decision, Merih Aşkın had just lost his mother. Although my dear mother still lives, people close to me that I’ve associated with these songs have been long gone from this world. I wanted this album to correspond to that heart breaking feeling when you miss warmth, and you realize that the people who gave it to you are gone.

With this album, we salute these same feelings.
During the recordings of the album, working and spending time with Sinan Sakızlı in his cozy studio has been a great pleasure. I thank Sinan Sakızlı for putting his heart into music, and this album...
Working on the graphic design of this album with my dear daughter Setenay Ece Kaya gave me such joy.
Thank you...

Mircan Kaya
Bologna, October, 2017

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