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  • Landing pages of all the albums can be found  HERE . You can also click on each album displayed above to select your preferred music service to listen to the albums online or to purchase them. 

  • The latest album "Tatlı Dilli-Sweet Talker" of Mircan Kaya has been featured by the radio shows of DJMADAMEB who is one of the panelists of Trans Global World Music Chart. 
    You can listen to the shows via the links below:

  • Mircan Kaya has been featured on the World Music radio show  Jordi Demésenllà​ - Demesenlla who is one of the panelists of Trans Global World Music Chart. You can listen to the show via the link below:

  • Watch SKAIA's amazing short live videos on her instagram account here.

  • Chinka, a compilation album covering Mircan's songs in Laz-Mingrelian language has been released and available to listen on all digital music service providers.

  • Kırmızı Gül, a aollaborative album by Mircan Kaya and Merih Aşkın was released on 1st January 2018; streaming online and available to listen on all digital music services.

  • SKAIA's debut album Clouds was released in December 2017; streaming online and available to listen on all digital music service.

  • CD version of Mircan's latest album INSULA is availabale now in music stores .  The album booklet contains all the lyrics of the songs in their original languages as well as their English translations.  

  • SKAIA, the youngest artist of UCM  take firm steps forward. Her debut single "Apple Tree"has already been released and her debut album is scheduled to be released in Autumn 2017. 

  • Mircan Kaya received the Ethnology Award from Motif Foundation for her music show Kanaviçe.


  • The second season of the music TV series 'KANAVICE' prepared and presented by Mircan Kaia is now being broadcast on TRT Music Turkey, every Tuesday evening at 20.10 Kanaviçe  videos are  available to watch on Mircan Kaia's web site.



  • Mircan Kaia has been awarded the "Best Artist of the Year 2014" by YILDIZ TEHNICAL UNIVERSITY.



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